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Herbert Hoffmann left his former company Hommelwerk in Mannheim in 1977 and became self-employed as a representative for dimension measurements, such as Frenco and Johansson. The gauge block comparator basic foundation-stone was implemented one year later.

Herbert Hoffmann deceased in 1988. The company was taken over by his son, Peter Hoffmann The traditional company´s name was retained and in 1990 a limited liability company (GmbH) was established. Due to the steady growing, expansion of the company became unavoidable by its moving in 1993. With three full- air conditioned calibration rooms ( 20°C ± 0,2°C ) of approximately 90 m² and 910m² offices and administrative rooms we now have enough space to suit all customer requirements.

In 1995 the Herbert Hoffmann company opted all trade representations (except Frenco). The company focussed on calibrating as well as rectification of rejects and acquistion of new gauge blocks. With the authoriziation of approximatery 4000 calibration certificates per year, Herbert Hoffmann GmbH has been acknowledged national and internationally as one of the largest of calibration companies in the world.

In 2009 a ZIM conveyor project of the Federal Department of Economy and Technology, a production of tungsten carbide gauge blocks up to 250 mm, was promoted. On June 1rst 2011, the Frank Company (SMT- fine measurement technology) was integrated into the Herbert Hoffmann GmbH. The SMT fine measurement technology is known for the production of gauge blocks of steel over 100 mm to 1250 mm in standard and special sizes.

Since April 16th 1996, the Herbert Hoffmann GmbH has been accredited as DKD- K- 17301 and with the conversion DAkkS as D-K-15190-01-00 calibration laboratory for gauge blocks of steel (0,1 mm up to 100 mm ) based on level 1 of the German Accreditation Authority DAkkS. Since 1999 all 10 Tesa gauge block comparators and 5 length measurement benches up to 1000 mm are accredited by the German Accreditation Authority DAkkS. We are the first company who is able to offer a DAkkS calibration without wringing.

Purchasing a comparator with autocollimator in 2013 set the basis for the accreditation for anglegauges and polygons by the DAkkS.

In 2017 a Möller-Wedel interferometer was purchased and accredited by DAkkS for optical flats and measuring tables.

In 2019 we received accreditation for gaugeblock comparators as standard model and as setup with lengthgaugesensors.

In 2020 the production in Mörlenbach is getting extended to over 600 m2.


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