Transit Cases (PE-HD)

Low Weight 
The lighter the package, the less it affects the freight and handling costs.The low weight has a favorable effect on the general costs.

Unbreakable and impact-proof
Without any damage these cases survived a free fall of 1 Meter onto concrete floor. 

These cases are insensitive to external influences and can be used in any enviroment. PE-HD is neutral to chemicals

The protuberances and cavities in the cases allow a safe stacking without any space-loss and prevent slipping of individual cases in the stack. 

Durable Color
The PE-HD forming mass is pigmented so there will be no color-loss in the coating.There are seven standard colors to select from

Good Design
A stylish packaging just good enough for your valuable products and only to be recomended.

Customised Specifications
The big range of standard sizes covers most of your requirements. If a special size is not deliverable it will be made availlable immediately. We do not only provide splashproof cases but also can supply you with steamproof and reinforced container.





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